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Our Brewery is located on Southwood House Farm, part of the Calke Abbey Estate, owned by the National Trust in South Derbyshire. The old farmhouse is a listed building and has already been restored by the Trust. We consider ourselves lucky to be the first tenant in this new small rural development.


The site we occupy dates from the 1780s, our building was probably built c 1840. The National Trust were looking to preserve these buildings by installing suitable and sympathetic businesses to generate income for their conversion and preservation.


We share the property with a lot of wildlife, including bats that roost in our two purpose built bat-lofts, joined by a tunnel running along the length of the building.


We are proud of the fact that brewing is a green business and we produce very little waste. All our spent grains are recycled locally as animal feed and our used hops are collected and used for compost. At events our customers are always impressed with our 'Not Plastic' pint glasses, actually made from plant starch and fully compostable themselves.


Living and working in the National Forest brings responsibility. We try to live up to that by brewing real ale in the traditional way with minimal impact on the environment. We brew responsibly, please enjoy our beers responsibly!


Cask Availability

The Core Four

California Steam. 4.2%

Real Ale in the style of a west coast lager.


Tollgate Bitter 4.3%

Our best selling year round golden bitter.


Ashby Pale. 4.5%

A Pale Ale with a subtle citrus finish.


Billys Best Bitter. 4.6%

An amber best bitter with a good malt/hop balance.

Beer of the Week

Lightwood. 3.6%

Due to increased demand for a lower ABV Ale we have created Lightwood...


Lightwood is Tollgates first low ABV and lighter tasting brew based around our ever popular amber ales Billy's Best and Darkwood.


A perfect Session Ale to be served on those rare but special warm summer days.

Return of the Highwayman

Stand & Deliver. 3.8.%

Tollgates' light session bitter ale that delivers on taste and still leaves you standing.


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